Birdseye means bird's eye vision.

For the customer this means: 

  • The situation will first be analyzed holistically.

  • Only then it is time to look for the improvements.

  • What makes us different: We really start from the beginning and that means: gaining a lot of information. We do this because the first decisions have the greatest impact on the end result.

Information is the first step to the solution.

In order to guarantee you a simple and affordable entry into the energy transition, we provide you with this extensive information:

  • With a same effort

  • Only for the 3 to 6 largest systems


My experience

I have been working for 29 years in the field of sustainable energy, which means:

   - Energy efficiency

   - Renewable energy

It makes sense to combine these areas in order to realise fully and cost-effectively in the energy transition.

After a few years as an energy consultant, I worked for 13 years in energy projects of international organizations like the European Commission and others. I saw companies in many countries and how they solve their energy problems. 


After that, I worked for 5 years at Siemens Switzerland on international energy saving projects in industry and building technology, where I gained a lot of experience in the detection of energy saving measures, cost-effectiveness calculations, automatic energy data acquisition and the evaluation of the savings achieved. A special focus in the department was Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), which makes the decision for investment into an efficiency project easier because a saving guarantee is provided.

At the SFB (Education Center for Technology and Management, www.sfb.ch ), I teach energy efficiency in industry, in the course "Energy and Environmental Technology".

The training includes the approach of energy value stream analysis, an extension of the industry-proven approach of value stream analysis. You can click the Fraunhofer link in the text box to learn more about it. In short: the proven industrial method of value stream mapping for the "lean factory" has been expanded with energy in order to analyze and disclose the energy flows together with the production steps. It will be clear how useful energy transparency is in this approach, because the Energy Value Map can be updated continuously, bringing it closer to Industry 4.0.

The students are already working technicians that follow this education during their free time, in order to become the Energy Managers of tomorrow. 

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Do you know that:

The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed an energy value stream analysis that extends the process known as “value stream mapping” in the direction of energy? The energy transparency of the individual systems plays an essential role here. The energy value stream analysis allows to combine the energy question with other optimizations and thus bring added value. the real “birdseye” approach.