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​The approach

What does the Birdseye business model?

The goal is to provide a weekly recording of your biggest energy guzzlers in a professional energy management system (EMS), which you can watch yourself in real time (if desired).
However, there should be much less effort than is necessary for this form of energy transparency today.  We want to surprise you with with a new level of effortless measurement. Moreover, we would like to give you diagnostic information that lead you right away to the energy saving without or with little investment.

  • A simple free first phone call and visit will show whether your company can benefit from this service.

  • The largest energy guzzlers are connected to data loggers quickly, cheaply and easily.

    • The data is sent to the servers of your preferred Energy Management System (EMS), where it is collected, evaluated and displayed.

    • A good Energy Management System has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sees in real time some things that humans do not see.

  • The data is interpreted

    • What do the real-time records of energy consumption tell us?

      •  Like a cardiologist can read many facts from an EKG, an energy manager understands what is happening in your factory, looking to the load curve of subsystems.

  • The cheapest energy saving measures are identified

    • A report is drawn up with the savings measures that cost the least and where the savings are greatest.

    • An economic calculation and presentation will help you make the right decision.

    • Birdseye also has a lot of experience with submitting funding applications.

And then?

  • If you are convinced of the method and want to find the remaining savings potential, you can go two ways:

  1. Go further with Birdseye and save more and more energy

    • This is a solution if you do not have any knowledge in-house and do not want to build this up.

  2. Obtain the same measurement technology yourself, arrange a subscription with your Cloud Energy Management System and interpret the measurement data yourself.

    • Birdseye is happy to help you become independent on the way.

    • It is not important to us to bind you as a customer, we like to use our time for other projects to help as many companies as possible to implement the energy transition with less effort. 

How does the technology work?

Image by Alexandre Debiève
  • The measuring devices are connected with very little effort to the electrical cabinet of the company's 3 to 10 energy guzzlers in order to measure current and voltage.

    • It is not even necessary to touch the live parts for the current measurement.

    • You can also measure the flow of liquids (such as heating oil) without interrupting the line.

  • Most of the time, the measurement units are left in your company for a week so that the cyclical events can be recorded. The Energy Management System will not miss electricity consumption at during the weekend or the regular activation of a compressed air compressor at night, even if no one needs compressed air.

  • A measurement interval of 15 minutes is usually sufficient, as the energy supplier does applies. However, our measuring devices can also detect events within this interval.

​A connection to the company's Internet is not necessary. The data is sent to the EMS-server using a SIM card.

    • Until recently, the various measuring units had to be wired together or use the existing wiring. 

    •  There are also wireless systems, which unfortunately only work over short distances.

    • Another inconvenience of the current way of doing is that you need a contract to use the Energy Management System, that require you to pay fees for each data point. Birdseye will take care of this for you as we use our own contract with the EMS provider. Your company only pays for the occupied data points and only for the time that measurements are taken.

      • If you are interested to follow the consumption of your equipment, you can log into the system yourself with your own password and view the data in real time.