​​The mission is to transform my long experience and creativity to your advantage. That is why I find it exciting to work for factories and other companies that have industrial plants it makes it different from the usual energy-saving projects in office buildings and apartments.

What differentiates me us that I am prepared to search for the additional added value of the energy measures. I know that the monetary value of the saved energy is rarely your first concern. With a holistic approach, I want to combine energetic optimization with improvements that directly support your business mission. For example, more productivity, security and well-being of employees. These are additional advantages to just reducing the energy bill.

This will not only make your company stand out in the long term, but you can also save much more than just energy costs. Your company will work better due to the positive side effects. This will give you much more than just a cheaper energy bill.

Two short examples from www.sellingenergy.com (see also the text box):

  1. A manufacturer of door seals used an electric drying oven, which caused a high energy bill and limited production. A new natural gas oven saved $ 60,000 a per year on energy bills and increased drying capacity by 50%. So, this manufacturer could actually increase its production.

  2. A producer of plastic items cooled the injection molding department with mobile coolers. The air temperature sometimes reached 37 ° C in summer. After the integration of a passive cooling system, 150 MWh/a was saved, but the increase in comfort was even more important because the employees were more satisfied and produced more. No wonder: the temperature stayed below 30 ° C.



This San Francisco company trains energy consultants to sell their services with more conviction. It was a long time ago that Mark Jewell noticed that a lot of funding had not been used because the sellers tried to convince with only lower energy costs and technical functionalities.


Sellingenergy.com shows how you first have to understand what is a direct interest to the entrepreneur and then find out how the energy saving measures should help.
Of course, this message does not only apply in this area, but the training provides many concrete methods and examples to make energy efficiency appealing to the entrepreneur.

The Birdseye founder has learned a lot from this.

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Energy transparency is a new element in my services.

During my visits to large companies with up to 2000 employees, I noticed that it is almost never known where the energy goes after it enters through the main meter. So you don't know how the energy is distributed, where most of it is used and when the energy intensity is the highest. In a few cases, the management downloads quarter hour consumptions from the utility's website, but this only says something about the main meter. In accounting you probably know more about the procurement of inventory, stationery and coffee capsules than about the energy bill that is paid every month and where inflation is relatively high.

This can be changed. 

When I became aware of this energy blindness, I went looking on the market for a mobile solution that would allow me to carry out real-time measurements for a company without much effort. I have experience with energy management systems, but I see them mostly applied in companies where there is permanent measurement. However, I was interested to have the advantages of a real energy management system for a quick diagnosis (usually a week) in order to observe the cyclical events. Not finding this on the market, I started to develop such a system myself.

Just as a good cardiologist can can understand a lot from an ECG, there is also a lot of information hidden in the power curve of a plant or entire department. Especially interesting is the consumption, of which one is not aware, such as forgotten switches, poorly maintained machines, leaks, timers that are not set properly. An energy consultant usually does not see these problems during an inspection. Unfortunately, because fixing this kind of problems leads to quick amortization (low hanging fruit).

The exact measurement of the power curve also allows to eliminate power peaks and to decide the size of a new PV plant and storage, which fits to your energy needs. In that way, you might save a lot on the investment for Renewable Energy.

It is my concern to pay a lot of attention to the role of information and to show as many companies as possible how important this is in relation to the environment and energy security. 

”What energy transition can there be without energy transparency?