Unknown energy waste can’t be saved


After the main meter, mere darkness in the energy situation.

The situation

Do you know, which of your large facilities causes half of the total energy expenditure?   

If you don't know that, you're not alone.


Even large companies often do not know where, how much and when energy is used. Most of the time they only have the information of the main meter because they receive the bill once a month. This ignorance means they also miss the cheapest opportunities for improvement. 

These are the energy saving measures that can be implemented with little investment: the low hanging fruit. In this way, a positive cash flow can be obtained quickly, which can be reinvested in further energy saving measures. Congratulations, you found your way to the energy transition!


With increasing impatience, society now expects companies to offer their products and services in line with the interests of the next generations. 

This expectation is expressed in concrete by laws and incentives (sticks and carrots). For example, many countries have target agreements (e.g. with 10 year efficiency programs) for large consumers, with which these companies can take the initiative themselves, reducing pressure of the authorities.


But even with these target agreements, energy transparency is is essential for success. Why not start right from the beginning to present the energy situation clearly and in detail? Maybe because it requires too much effort or because you you thing you don’t need it?

My mission is to show:

  • That it is not expensive to quantify the energy situation, just start with the largest installations.That way, you can quickly see the first results.

  • That you can't start the energy transition without enough details and information.

  • That a detailed data acquisition in real time, together with the evaluation in an energy management system (EMS) opens the way to the cheapest energy saving measures. These are the measures where often small investments are sufficient because they are related to organization, maintenance or settings.


Why energy transparency?

Your doctor already knows that transparency and results are closely connected (diagnosis & therapy). It is also known in politics (гласность & перестройка or Transparency and Reorganisation under Mikhail Gorbachov). It will come as no surprise that something similar applies to technology and energy management: targeted information gathering and analysis is the beginning of the solution.

Which energy transition can you expect without energy transparency?


Wanting to save energy without targeted measurements is like building without a plan. It seems like you are doing something useful. In reality, it is easy to make decisions in the darkness that later turn out to be unrelated to the holistic situation.

And if we measure, why not in a professional way, in real time, with an energy management system? It is important that you get detailed and spot-on information with targeted recordings and little effort. This could be called the Pareto rule of measurement technology.

Is energy transparency expensive?

To date, energy transparency has been expensive. Individual energy loggers, for example, are a cheap solution but not suitable for simultaneously measuring, evaluating and comparing the important energy guzzlers in real time. You need an Energy Management System (EMS). This is a fixed system until now requiring cabling, EMS software and much configuration effort. And yes, that's pretty expensive.

However, the Pareto rule says: it would be wiser to first gain experience with a mobile EMS on only the most important energy guzzlers in order to achieve initial success. If you see that this success is greater than the effort, you can go further. If you are not enthusiastic, you want to say goodbye to the EMS. So renting the EMS is better than buying it.


This is how an entrepreneur works. Try small, decide quickly. 


Therefore we developed and patented a simple, preconfigured system that connects a number of your largest consumers to a professional EMS, even for only a week