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4 Mar 2021

 Only one pressure in your compressed air network?

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The need for Energy Managers for the Energy Transition


The Dutch "Wipe Pulse" for saving on lighting

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Free Energy course

22 Mar 2021

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Webinar "Best Available Technologies (BAT)" for Indian Government.

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How BATs help Europe to define allowed levels for industry

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How to combine Demand Side Management (DSM) with cold storage.

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The International Energy Agency about employment of Energy Manager. Salary info.

7 Apr 2021

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Webinar section on Ventilation, including cost simulation and spreadsheet download

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Dynamic tariffs and how to save much on your bill.

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Better keep it simple! Medium level Energy Manager

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The free course (for you) gives a good idea of the course that will bring you on the next level.

21 Apr 2021

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What can the heat transformer do for you? The answer is: recover heat in another way.

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The Energy Manager and a salary table for USA


What has the police to do with Energy Efficiency?

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Energy consultancy on a distance, the solution for the pandemic situation.

5 May 2021

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The Money Machine

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Collateral benefits

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Energy consultancy

on a distance:

Getting the data

19 May 2021


Dynamic tariffs,

can you profit

from them?

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Dynamic tariffs,





Energy Efficiency

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Do you want


Energy Efficiency?

19 June 2021


Why should you prepare for a volatile energy market?

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Energy consultancy on a distance - Applying the data

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What adds storage to the simulation of dynamic tariffs?


Internet can give you heat!