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  • Norbert N. Vasen

Are you still looking to lower the bills? What about dynamic pricing?

How can reducing costs be more important than increasing revenue? If profit margin is 5%, saving 1000 on your bill is the same as increasing revenue by 20’000.

One way to save on costs is to get access to dynamic tariffs. Click on the graph view of That’s much better than your regular daily tariff structure. Mr. Zwang of Stratergy reported extreme situations yesterday in the Netherlands (see picture), you get even paid much to consume energy (!).

So where are you waiting for? Embrace Demand Side Management, consume on the right time and the society will be grateful.

Don’t need it? Then store it! Even without expensive batteries. Convert it into cold and store that. Consume it when the tariffs go up again. That is a good idea for the summer. You will hardly fear a black out anymore.

I told this already on YouTube:

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