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  • Norbert N. Vasen

Electricity price 50% up in 2030?

Don’t worry too much (but also not too little). Even if this is the outcome of a research, reported May 10, by Klaus Stratmann of the German newspaper and ordered by the VBW (Association of Bavarian Industry, Germany), it is not about the end price, but its production fraction. The prognosis for 2030 is + 2 cent/kWh. That is still enough to drive industry to other countries! Look to Germany, where prices are very high. According VBW, an industrial electricity price of less than 4 cents is required to maintain competitiveness, says Bertram Brossardt. In order to curb the electricity price level, an ambitious expansion of renewable energies is required. "We need renewables for low electricity prices, and industrial interests and climate protection are growing together," said he. So, my opinion is that we need not only renewables but also more of the Invisible Fuel (Energy Efficiency). We must even consider that saving might be in some cases more interesting for businesses than increasing sales. If the profit margin is for example 2.5%, saving 1’000€ is the same as selling 40’000€ more of your product or services. #(see addition in blue, below) hink about capacity building in Energy Management on a massive scale and drill the Invisible Fuel. Our Birdseye Energy School can help with that, see

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