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  • Norbert N. Vasen

Price regulation of energy in industry.

If you have an enterprise in Europe, you probably want to read on. Outside Europe? Well, economy functions more or less the same.

The industry in many European Union countries would like a kind of (attractive) price agreement in order to protect themselves. It is understandable: but it will be difficult, as Klaus Stratmann wrote last Friday in Handelsblatt (Germany): “Hardly any prospects for cheaper energy: EU Commission rejects European industrial electricity price”. The answer of EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson is clear: “A regulation of the electricity price for industrial customers is expressly prohibited under EU energy law”.

My question is: if energy prices are so important for competitivity, why is Energy Efficiency so ignored in enterprises? Cost savings are important as a calculation with profit margin learns. For example with 3% margin, a saving of 1000 corresponds with a revenue increase of 33’000. How much do you and your colleagues have to work to realise that? Another thing that speaks in favour of Energy Efficiency is the collateral benefits that often come with it. They are sometime more appealing to entrepreneurs than the cost savings themselves.

So my invitation to the entrepreneurs is to take Energy Efficiency serious. Keep on reading and consider following one of the courses of Birdseye Energy School! I am here to help you with no bias to particular product or technology, but just to offer the help that fits to you. See my Link Tree at

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