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  • Norbert N. Vasen

Transform your transformer

Can a transformer fail? See the picture.

The lifetime of a transformer is between 25 and 40 years. How old is your transformer? When it is more than 20 years old, it is very probable that today’s transformers are much more efficient and will remain cooler. Remember that you can deduct them for a long time from the taxable profit.

Can I save much energy with a better new transformer?

Yes, you will save money for many years in the future!

If the future doesn’t interest you especially, you can always discount future savings in the formula for Net Present Value, to express that. See my last article about financial parameters. Especially with long life investments like transformers, the Simple Payback Time is a bad parameter to adopt.

The USA energy agency EPA tells that important total life time cost savings are obtained if the new transformer is chosen better than the law requires. Important is also to consider the load profile of the transformer. The best is to match the optimal efficiency of the new transformer on its load curve to the most common power demand of your enterprise. For a volatile load curve it can be a good idea to work with two transformers for more savings and to be fail safe.

How to

The efficiency of a transformer depends also very much on the power factor of all the consumers together, so please adopt power factor correction! This is already in itself a big money saver.

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