And now there is the target agreement ...


You are a major consumer and want to participate

  • The target agreement is basically a multi-year plan

  • You have a lot of time but the expectations are pretty big

  • The success tip is: start immediately, then it will be  child's play

    • If you step on the gas straight away, you will benefit from the advantages for longer.

A trial subscription on an EMS?

An energy management system is like a hammer for a carpentry project to target the agreement. 

How about trying something like that? And with accompaniment, and benefits for your company?

The diagnosis Birdseye can make for your company is an ideal opportunity for this. You can see for yourself by logging in with your password and exploring the possibilities of the Energy Management System. 


You will be able to enter your own knowledge of the company when identifying the energy saving measures.

That would be the ideal entry into the world of energy management and would put you in a good position for the target agreement.